I often think of my photographs like journal entries or sketches in a notebook. They are moments written of time and place throughout my life. Recollections made in the moment among feverish inspiration or quiet reflection. Tales about love, travels across the landscape…thoughts and ideas about art and life.

     From a young age photography has been my life, or at least it has been a driving force in it, a force that I seek out. I look for images that speak strongly to me for one reason or another and photograph that reaction. Even if I don’t fully understand the why, I go knowing that it is a need. I like this kind of interaction, like a dance that takes place between photographer and the landscape so to speak. Allowing the subject to inspire and stimulate one’s mind and subconscious. So that what is beneath the surface can come forward. A kind of letting go that happens. Letting 'it' dictate. Letting intuition guide the way. An expression from the heart is what I am after, and to convey it with honesty. I need to feel that place to create from. I want to walk in that open field and ponder. Those are the times I am most alive, I am also the most free.